Every company has some proprietary data they want to protect. Whether you’re protecting contracts, blueprints, source code, or any manner of valuable information, this data needs to be available to only authorized people and it needs to be protected from unauthorized change or deletion. Perhaps you simply have a Web page you want to avoid being defaced by Internet vandals. In any case, simply throwing together a Web site with a firewall and password access for administrator functions is not sufficient. This requires a security program even if you are not bound by laws like HIPAA or SOX or by contract such as PCI.

Copilotco can identify what you are trying to protect and where it is by conducting a risk assessment and building a custom security program to meet your needs. The what and where of the data you want to protect will guide the risk assessment process and determine the security controls which must be implemented, which will dictate the configuration of the servers and the day-to-day operations of the security program.

And day to day operations are definitely needed. The Internet threat landscape is constantly changing. Software always needs updating, logs need reviewing, the risk assessments (and therefore security controls) periodically need reviewing. There is no such thing as “we have secured the server, we are done.” Security is a process, not a product.

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