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Re: vmsplice exploits, stack protector and Makefiles

* pageexec@xxxxxxxxxxx <pageexec@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> patches to get CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR_ALL actually to work (it 
> includes the Makefile patch proposed in this thread already).
> note that the fix to ACPI is an actual stack corruption bug (caught by 
> ssp thanks to a lucky stack layout), due to the misuse of the pci 
> accessor functions, probably a whole-tree audit is in order for 
> similar bugs.
> note also that the vsyscall functions (more precisely, all the code 
> that goes into .vsyscall* sections) had better be separated into their 
> own .c files so that they can be compiled without -mcmodel=kernel and 
> use %fs for getting the ssp cookie, if ssp is desired at all there).

thanks, i've picked up your patch into x86.git#mm and also made 
stackprotector-all default-enabled so that we get more test coverage of 
this critical security feature. x86.git#mm can be picked up via:


head of the tree:

  commit e1d96d3e489d02b12984fb3c755b0f9a9ae0fe5f
  Author: Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxx>
  Date:   Wed Feb 13 16:15:34 2008 +0100

      x86: enable stack-protector by default

      also enable the rodata and nx tests.

your patch booted fine here with stackprotector-all enabled.

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